Building a Business Case for a procurement solution

This guide will help you set proper requirements for an investment in a digital procurement solution. As with any significant purchase, investments in technology must be carefully considered before they are
made. It takes time to select the right solution, and rightly so – but at some point you need to come to a decision.

Indirect purchasing is an area that’s particularly ripe for investment. If you’re a manufacturer, 90% of your purchasing will go on production. While indirect costs only make up the other 10%, these can be the business’
most expensive and complex area of procurement. For service providers, close to 100% of purchasing will be for indirect costs. In both cases, there are significant potential savings to achieve.

ROI of a procurement solution

While it’s not always easy to justify a potential investment, it is important to ensure that whoever makes the final decision understands the return that investment will bring – how will it benefit the business? Will it live up to the hype? That’s why it’s important to create a business case to support any request.

This guide will help you identify the needs and requirements in your organization, which will be the base line for the ROI you can expect of a new procurement solution. With a solid business case, it will also be easier to select the right solution and supplier – best suited for your business’s needs.

Download the guide

If you’re looking to implement a new procurement solution, this document will help you build a business case
to demonstrate how it could help your business. Download it for free by clicking the link below. If you prefer the Swedish version, click here

Building a Business Case for a procurement solution

Danish print Publish date: 2019-09-16