Cloud solution or On-premise?

As companies embrace digital transformation, many are migrating critical business applications to the cloud. Demand for these services has consistently increased year on year, and cloud solutions are being deployed across all business departments. Recent research has found that 79% of organisations had adopted SaaS applications in 2017, when the SaaS segment held nearly 69 percent of overall public cloud market share.

Automate the P2P process in the cloud

It is now possible to automate the entire purchase to payment (P2P) process with Software as a Service (SaaS) in cloud environments, with many businesses choosing to implement P2P solutions in the cloud.

This enables the entire purchase-to-pay process to be managed outside of the organisation with no need for hardware investment, while removing the need for maintenance of servers and software. And by transferring operations and maintenance to a dedicated, outsourced team, businesses can ensure that their P2P processes are running in a stable and reliable environment.

Cloud solution or On-premise installation?

Download the guide to learn about advantages with a cloud solution, and why some businesses still prefer a traditional on-premise installation.

Cloud or On-premise?

Cloud or On-Premise

Danish print Publish date: 2019-03-28