Palette as White Label

Improve your bottom line and broaden your product offerings.

Quote from Palette customer
Palette’s matching engine lets our clients match POs with hundreds of lines in just seconds. It’s a great time-saver that cuts down their workload and reduces the risk of manual errors.

Ralf Leitner, CEO, EchoVera Inc., Canada

Palette offers a White Label concept for partners

Brand one of the world’s leading AP automation platforms as your own

Palette is the accounts payable automation software being offered to international banks, accounting firms, ERP-managed service providers and BPOs – across four different continents. White Label partners receive dedicated account management, configurable solutions, and internationalization capabilities for their specific country, language, currency, and compliance requirements.

Here are some of the benefits each White Label partner receives:

  • Promote your brand
    Login pages and dashboards put your brand front and center.
  • Avoid risk
    Leverage world-class technology without the risk of costly platform infrastructure, specialized skills, and software development.
  • Leave technical support to us
    Give your customers access to a world-class support team with training and consultation.

Palette Partners

Independent software vendors (ISV)

Increase recurring revenue and add service income with a world-class AP Automation platform for your customers.

Accounting firms

Cloud based invoice capture, account posting and automatic approval workflow for your end customers. Invoice management gets faster and more secure. Web based interface with invoice approval in the mobile phone or email.


Broaden your product offerings to include invoice processing and automation, an archive for scanned documents, and a platform for outsourced AP services.

Become a Palette partner