JCDecaux automates its purchase to pay process with Palette

”We chose Palette’s purchase to pay solution for its diverse functionalities and user-friendliness. PaletteArena suite has been developed through long experience and combined into one perfect offering.”

Tuula Laukkarinen, CFO, JCDecaux, Finland

The Challenge

JCDecaux Finland Oy’s purchase invoice solution in use was rigid and seemed outdated. Despite possible software updates to the old system, the new solution provided by Palette is still far more diverse and flexible. JCDecaux Finland needed a scalable and agile solution to meet the needs of the growing business.

Solutions in use

JCDecaux Finland Oy implemented solutions from purchase to pay including PaletteInvoice, PaletteBuyer, PaletteContract, PalettePO-matching, PaletteMobile and PaletteDashboard solutions. Palette’s solutions are easily integrated into ERP systems.

Effective processing saves time

”We save a lot of working hours and money as we easily can automate functionalities in PaletteInvoice solution to fasten routine duties and postings. We can now divide consolidated invoices, for example health care invoices, directly to several cost centers and send further for proper acceptance. This streamlined our processes and routines remarkably. Handling and processing of individual invoices is much faster and allows time for other tasks and development of own work. PaletteContract matches automatically all recurring invoices and there is no need to pay them separately anymore. Thanks to PaletteArena we have now full, real time visibility and control over purchases, invoices and contracts,” says Tuula Laukkarinen, CFO, JCDecaux Finland.

Implementation is a smooth rrocess

The testing phase was interesting and major part of our financial staff was participating in it. The word was soon spread out among personnel about the user-friendly and versatile Palette solution and there was almost queue to the first training and implementation sessions. Testing and deployment went smoothly according to schedule and we were able to start the next fiscal year with new Palette solution as planned,” comments Kirsi Suojoki, bookkeeper and one of the main users of the solution.

Easy working with PaletteMobile

You can use PaletteMobile in a bus, hotel lobby or airplane. As JCDecaux’s employees are quite often on the move, it was important to have a trustful mobile solution. Now employees can quickly and easily accept incoming invoices remotely. This helps the whole organization as processing of invoices flows smoothly and there are no blocks in the process.


JCDecaux Finland

Kunde: JCDecaux Finland
Branche: Media
Land: Finland
Antal fakturaer/år: : 10000
Employees: 75
Processer som automatiseres med Palette: PaletteInvoice, PaletteBuyer, PaletteContract, PalettePOMatching, PaletteMobile, PaletteDashboard