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Encare: Automated Invoice Processing is Equally Important for Small and Large Organizations

Per Sunnermark is CEO at Encare, a Swedish growth company with fewer than ten employees. Previously he was the CEO at a listed company with 2,700 employees and a revenue of €2 billion. He has used solutions from Palette Software in both companies to free up time for his organization and enable growth. Per Sunnermark comments:

“It doesn’t matter what your organization looks like, its size or what you offer. As a CEO I enable my organizations growth and profitability which makes digitalization equally important no matter the size of the company.”

Increased efficiency at lower cost

Encare provides evidence-based care pathways for enhanced recovery after surgery. Its software is based on protocols or check lists formulated from scientific publications within surgery to understand the perioperative care process and how to apply best practice. Hospitals that use the software can reduce post operation care from 12 to 9 days for gastrointestinal surgery, thereby lowering the cost by approximately 30% and significantly improving the patients’ wellbeing.

“Like Palette, we aim to give our customers higher quality, efficiency gains and savings”, says Per and continues:

“We believe that whatever can be automated should be, since it is the fast track to high quality”

Always accessible

Encare has used Centsoft Invoice since 2016. Centsoft is an up to date cloud solution that minimize time spent on invoice processing for more than 10 000 users in Sweden. Per’s work as CEO with responsibility for globalization and growth can continue on-the-go as a result of the digitalization that Centsoft and the accounting firm Brain provides. Invoices are always available for mobile approval and authorization is only a few clicks away.

Recommendation proved to be right

“It is easy to take shortcuts when choosing technology to support internal processes and administration since it is rarely at the top of mind. In my case, Centsoft was recommended by my accounting firm. I trust them completely, and after a quick look at Centsoft Invoice I realized there was no need to look any further. It is a perfect fit for us and the simplicity the software offers is genius.”


About the company

Encare was established in 2009 and nominated in 2018 to one of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Sweden. The company is providing hospitals in more than 20 countries with an information system and education for evidence based best-practise management based on the ERAS protocols. Customers experience efficiency gains and increased pre and post operational quality at the same time as costs go down.

Kunde: Encare
Branche: Software industry
Land: The solution Encare provides is available at hospitals in more 20 countries
ERP: Via accounting firm Brain
Antal fakturaer/år: : 400
Employees: 10
Processer som automatiseres med Palette: Invoice processing