Heli Matero, CFO and Jouko Peltonen, System Manager at Tehcnopolis Plc

Technopolis Chose Palette to Deliver AP Automation – Then Came Covid-19

Technopolis Plc is currently implementing a major system change project. As part of the project, the company decided to implement Palette’s solution for invoice processing, contract and document management. The software was rolled out during spring 2020 – in spite of strict restrictions due to the spread of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

About Technopolis

Technopolis rents and manages high-quality work environments. The company started its journey in Oulu, Finland with an old dairy building in 1982. Today the company offers modern workspaces in 11 different locations in seven different countries, all in desirable locations. Technopolis offers turnkey on-site management such as lobby services and office cleaning.

The company is moving from Microsoft AX to Dynamics 365. The Business Platform reform covers a large set of different financial management systems, the banking system and a new CE system.

Instead of one massive solution, the company is moving towards a more agile alternative and the whole consists of first-class solutions focused on different areas of financial management. The best supplier was selected for each area. Palette Software was selected to provide AP automation.

“We felt it was good for us to choose the best possible supplier for processing invoices as well. Palette has versatile features, integration has been easy to build, implementation is light, and all users have the same user interface,” Heli Matero, CFO at Technopolis Plc comments.

With major system change, it’s important that new solutions are intuitive and easy to use, especially if a large proportion of employees use the solutions in their daily work.

“We offer flexible and agile premises and we want the same from our systems. Most of our employee’s process invoices in some form, so the interface needs to be easy to use. According to internal feedback so far, Palette is very easy to use,” Matero says.

Covid-19 forced the whole project to work remotely

The project involves several different solutions and suppliers. Collaboration and communication between streams, project managers, and teams were significant success factors for the project. All parties met with each other frequently between sprints. With Covid-19 however, face-to-face cooperation and travel were no longer possible, and all communication became virtual. The first deployment was successful after addressing the challenges posed by Covid-19 restrictions.

“Due to an exceptional situation, the whole project switched to working remotely in March. The first roll-out in Tallinn was carried out entirely remotely. However, the additional challenges eventually stretched the project by just a few weeks” Matero said.

A responsible supplier responds to customer needs

When there are many actors in a system project and a tight schedule, the supplier must be able to respond to the customer’s wishes and schedules as accurately as possible. Juho Kangas, Senior Solution Consultant at Palette Software, says that in addition to technology, Palette emphasizes the importance of supplier responsibility.

“As a responsible supplier, we always respond to the customer’s needs and schedules as accurately as possible. With the Covid-19 situation, the importance of good and reliable communication has increased. However, teleworking has by no means slowed down our operations and we have even been able to streamline our own processes.”

Technopolis Plc increases the degree of automation with Palette

Palette Software’s modern, next-generation invoice processing solution streamlines the approval workflow. The user interface is intuitive, and the solution integrates with various ERPs, financial management and procurement systems. In the future, Technopolis will introduce Palette in all its offices and strive to increase the degree of automation of vendor invoices.

In the customer case video, Jouko Peltonen (System Manager, Technopolis) tells more about Technopolis’ system project, the implementation of Palette and what kind of future Technopolis has for Palette. Read the whole Customer Case.

This article was published in Finnish online magazine Kauppalehti Studio on August 25th 2020