Palette Partner EchoVera Passes $2bn in Processed Invoices

Palette partner EchoVera, an AP automation solutions provider in North America, has helped its customers process more than $2bn in invoices using Palette’s AP automation technology.

Customers on three continents

EchoVera’s customers in Europe, Australia, the USA, and Canada use Palette’s AP automation platform to process invoices and match them to purchase orders, goods receipts and contracts without manual intervention. The platform helps EchoVera’s customers to comply with rigorous standards and regulations such as SOC2, HIPPA, GDPR and PEPPOL.

Meanwhile, Palette’s highly flexible approval workflow software enables employees to check each invoice’s payment status, while budget holders can approve invoices via email and on mobile devices. Another key benefit that EchoVera’s customers enjoy is Palette’s seamless integration into existing ERP software, including all SAP platforms.

Seamless ingegration to existing ERP

Ralf Leitner, CEO of EchoVera said:
“Palette AP Automation is extremely powerful and can be configured to the most demanding business processes inside the finance departments of our customers. Users find it intuitive to use as it easily adapts to different roles within any organization. As well, it seamlessly integrates with popular ERPs such as NetSuite, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft with Dynamics, Intaact, QAD, and Sage.”

EchoVera’s customers include The Boston Globe, NCAA and Clublink and Canadian North Airlines. Using Palette’s solutions, these organisations have achieved significant reductions to invoice processing times and significantly fewer late payment interest fees, while improving transparency and control over all AP activity across the business.

EchoVera’s success was also highlighted in an Reuter article.

Learn more about EchoVera

Read more about Palette’s Canadian partner EchoVera by visiting their  website.