Fakturaskanning – off-shoring eller e-faktura?
I vores tidligere blogindlæg talte vi om forskellige muligheder for fakturaskanning. I denne artikel fortæller vi dig om andre muligheder,......
Digitally transforming invoice processes
When more organisations worldwide adopt e-invoicing, it will benefit not just individual companies, but also economies and even ecosystems.
What is PEPPOL?
Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL – also known as ELMA in Norway) is a set of standards that enable simple......
Vive la Révolution Numérique! Moving towards 100% electronic invoicing in France
The move away from paper invoicing for French organisations is a positive one that will save time and money. The change is driven by new French legislation.

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Mobile Enabled

One-click approvals via desktop, tablet, or smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Efficient Processing

Efficient management of supplier invoices reduces costs and creates more time for high-value work in your organization.

More Control

Get instant control over invoice status and bottlenecks, resulting in faster approvals and smooth monthly reconciliations.

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